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  • Multi-disciplinary, broad project management experience of over 10-years in Design, Prototyping and Marketing of digital products & services.
  • Strong business acumen with expertise in creating win\win marketing strategies, business development procedures.
  • Comprehensive experience in designing systems / processes for Technology, Compliance & Change Management in large scale business operations.
  • Effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities.

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I guess I do cover multiple bases well as a project manager

Honest Gratitude, First, to all my mentors, superiors and customers who put their marketing dollar on me and how we played hand-in-hand.

Skill Sets of Yogesh Dhingra, PMP




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Makes a good case for retirement…

Makes a good case for retirement planning without panic!

Make A Wish – and Fulfill It!

Brand Nike has a really powerful slogan for young aspirants: “Your Move!”. There's a lot of significance in it for all of us YUPPies (Young, Upwardly Mobile Professionals). To me, it's all abo…


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Another view of the magnificent…

Another view of the magnificent atrium of "Dwarawati", the new 4-storeyed dorm at Shirdi, Maharashtra, India. Truly awesome management by the Trust at the abode of Lord Sai Baba of Shirdi.


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Magnificent atrium of “Dwarawati…

Magnificent atrium of "Dwarawati", the swanky, new dormitory at Shirdi (Maharashtra, India), built by Shirdi Sai Sansthaan.


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How true!

How true!


ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN. (a guide for Global Leadership). All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not…


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Yahoo! .. Oops .. G+++++++ Got Games Finally…

Yahoo! .. Oops .. G+++++++

Got Games Finally!

(Locks the door of the study and pretends busy at work :) )


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I would do all these (and more) if I were…

I would do all these (and more) if I were a kid again, but letting my child do all these? .. ummm, I will have to think again :)

11 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do (PHOTOS)

How did you spend your summer vacation as a kid? Roaming your town with your friends, catching fireflies, sneaking into a movie, swimming in the local quarry, taking the L-train down to watch a Cubs…


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Reshared post from Toby Stein

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Well, this is certainly thorough!

40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Get the most out of Google's new social network with these awesome tips and tricks.


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Reshared post from Eric Karl

One of the coolest Android games .. highly addictive and enjoyable. $1 upgrade to ad-free version is almost a steal! :)

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Hey everyone, check out my new game!! Just finished it after 4.5 months of working like mad! It's out now for Android and will be coming out soon on iOS!

Bouncy Mouse – Android Market

Get all the cheese back! Show evil Captain Cat who's boss with Bouncy Power! All was good on Mouse Island until the thieving Captain Cat stole the Big Cheese! Help Bou…


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If you use Chrome and love Google+ but hate how messy the Stream gets, check out my new Chrome Extension: Plus Minus. It lets you easily mark Google+ posts as read. New posts in your stream show up normally and after you read a post, click the triangle next to the person's picture to shrink the entire post into just two lines.

Try out the extension and leave your feedback in the comments below.

Plus Minus – Chrome Web Store